Facebook Journalism Project

Event summary for social media giant

Project overview

The Facebook Journalism Project’s Local News Accelerator is a three-month program aimed at addressing specific business challenges facing the news industry. Accelerator programs bring news organisations together to innovate, learn from one another and collaboratively develop strategies to improve their business on and off Facebook.

In late 2019, the Facebook Journalism Project commissioned Editor Group to attend and recap the recent Australia and New Zealand Accelerator, which focused on strategies news organisations can use to drive reader revenue.

Solution delivered

We attended the Accelerator at Facebook’s Sydney headquarters and worked with a videographer to interview six participating publishers. We took the key lessons they had learned from the program, as well as some of their biggest wins, and wove these stories into an engaging, data-packed event recap for the Facebook Journalism Project’s media room.


“Editor Group’s work for us was so well written that reading it was like opening a Christmas present!”

“You went above and beyond to pull together a very complicated subject in a concise, thoughtful package. We are very grateful for your partnership.”

Catie L’Heureux

Content Strategist, Facebook Journalism Project

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