City of Sydney

Climate Emergency Response

Project overview

The City of Sydney (the City) has joined a growing number of councils around the world that have declared a climate emergency. As part of its goal to be an environmental leader, the City has set science-based targets to reduce carbon emissions from its operations. At the same time, it has supported its community and businesses to cut their emissions, water use and waste. The City has also tried to make its operations more resilient to climate-related hazards.

But it wanted to do more, so it developed its Climate Emergency Response. This report sets out the principles that will inform the City’s work to address the climate emergency, and establishes its goals and actions for reducing emissions.

Solution delivered

We took part in a briefing meeting with the City’s project team to fully understand their aims and expectations before editing the response. The work entailed substantively editing or rewriting large sections of the report to present a clear, strong message about the City’s plans ‒ all in plain English. We also fact-checked the content for accuracy, and restructured sections to create a smooth, logical flow and ensure the response was easy to read.

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