Brilliant Cities thought leadership campaign

Project overview

AECOM is one of the world’s largest urban design and civil infrastructure consultancies. Its work involves planning new cities, restoring damaged environments, helping governments maintain security and tackling other complex challenges.

AECOM’s Brilliant City Insights reports explore how Australian cities can overcome problems associated with rapid population growth and enhance liveability.

The series includes three reports outlining how the public and private sector can use innovation precincts, transport on demand and green infrastructure. A fourth report sets out AECOM’s plan for transforming Sydney into a better place to live and work.

Solution delivered

Editor Group worked with AECOM in 2016 and 2017 to prepare the Brilliant City series. We interviewed representatives from AECOM, government agencies, universities and businesses, and wrote or edited and then proofread the reports. One of the most stimulating parts of the project was to join large roundtable discussions featuring many of the diverse stakeholders involved in managing and planning the future of cities – including AECOM’s own smart and passionate team.
“Editor Group helped us bring together many viewpoints about complex issues into a cohesive, compelling vision for Australian cities.”
Jessica Dodds

Associate Director, AECOM

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