Webinar: The impact of generative AI in corporate content writing

Generative AI has arrived with a splash. But how will it reshape the way corporate content is written and what issues should you consider?

There’s been a lot of discussion about how generative AI will affect the creation of high-volume consumer content such as social media posts and blogs. But how will it reshape the creation of complex enterprise and B2B content?

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what will change – and what won’t – when it comes to the role of writers and editors in business and government organisations.

Accuracy, trust, intellectual property protection and brand language are paramount.

The upshot is that the way that words are conceived, written and checked is likely to change quite a lot, along with the roles of the people and machines involved. Yet the written word’s role as a medium for conveying thoughts from an author to a reader – to inform, motivate or build a relationship – seems likely to remain very similar.

In corporate environments, issues such as accuracy, trust, intellectual property protection and brand language are paramount. Keep these factors in mind as you think about how generative AI might reshape editorial workflows and roles in your organisation and other places such as newsrooms, government policy units and universities.

Watch this webinar to hear these issues discussed in depth by:

  • Grant Butler, Founder & Director of Editor Group
  • Paul Bongers, Global Vice President of Strategy at Acrolinx, the powerful AI-powered platform for improving the quality and effectiveness of enterprise content
  • Daniel Nutburn, Global Vice President of Partners & Alliances, Acrolinx

Access the webinar on-demand here and find out how Editor Group is using generative AI here.


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