Annual reports

Our business writers can write your next annual report, edit existing copy, proofread the final version – or complete all three. We can also act as the central editor or project manager that pulls it all together.

We will work with you closely to ensure everyone’s clear on key messages, the structure and compliance requirements. We’ll also interview key personnel to ensure we understand their priorities. This also allows us to gather information and ‘colour’ for sections such as CEO messages and case studies.

We will then write, edit or proof the copy as needed, tracking our changes so your internal reviewers can see the alterations. At every stage, we’ll follow our unique quality assurance process.

We can also work seamlessly with in-house or external designers to ensure you receive a polished, professional end-product.

Award winners

Editor Group has worked on many annual reports that have won prizes at the Australasian Reporting Awards (ARA). These prestigious awards aim to encourage companies to strive for excellence in their financial reporting and communication with stakeholders.

The ARA benchmarks each report against criteria for world’s best practice in reporting. It offers constructive feedback to entrants to help them improve the quality of their reports. The awards are open to all organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

We contribute to companies’ success by helping them to meet the ARA criteria for producing clear, concise annual reports that are written in plain English. Editor Group is delighted to have edited and proofread the following award-winning reports.

How to create an award-winning annual report

Cutting the clutter in your annual report

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