As our name suggests, editing is one of Editor Group’s most important core competencies.
We work closely with clients to transform and perfect a wide range of business and government material at various stages of production, from early drafts to near-final copy in layout.

Whether we are completing a light sub-edit or more substantially reworking a document, we take care to retain the original author’s
voice and intent. We’re also careful not to change the meaning of documents, and we use Track Changes to ensure you can see every change we’ve made.

Depending on your needs, we can edit your content to:

maintain a consistent voice and style across documents written by multiple authors
reduce repetition and remove unnecessary words
adjust the tone and style of writing to better match its purpose or
your brand
create a structured document with a logical flow that’s easy to navigate
check and correct facts, citations and referencing.


Talk to us about editing:

Talk to us about

Almost anything that your organisation might need to write or edit, including ads, annual reports, articles and blogs, brochures, case studies, emails and letters, media releases, newsletters, prospectuses, research reports, speeches, tenders and proposals, videos and audio scripts, websites and whitepapers.

“Much as Augustus did to Rome, you found our text a city of bricks, and left it as a city of marble.”

Chris Richardson

Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

“The team picked up the nuance of our content incredibly quickly. They were also responsive and communication throughout the project was excellent.”

Kate Rayson

Marketing Director, Pollination

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