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It’s business as usual at Editor Group, but we’re making some changes to ensure the safety of our team, clients and communities.

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“Editor Group’s work for us was so well written that reading it was like opening a Christmas present!”

Catie L’Heureux

Content Strategist, Facebook Journalism Project


“You went above and beyond to pull together a very complicated subject in a concise, thoughtful package. We are very grateful for your partnership.”

We deliver


We write high-quality copy to meet your sales, marketing, communications and compliance needs.


Our team can transform your draft copy to make it clear, succinct and delightful to read.


Let us check your near-final work for writing and factual errors, poor expression and more.


Our expert indexers provide a roadmap to your reports, books and other large documents.


We provide workshops, coaching and software to help you write well and on brand.


Style guides

Let us help you set the rules on how to write for your business or agency.


We’re the Asia Pacific partner for Acrolinx, the powerful AI-powered editing platform.

“I appreciate the time and effort Editor Group has put into helping us publish a clear and concise State of the NSW Public Sector Report.”

“The fact we use them year on year is indicative of the quality of their work and solid understanding of government. ​They’re also a pleasure to work with!”

Siobhan Brahe

Principal Adviser, Diversity and Inclusion Practice, NSW Public Service Commission

We create

Almost anything that your organisation might need to write or edit, including:

Almost anything that your organisation might need to write or edit, including ads, annual reports, articles and blogs, brochures, case studies, emails and letters, media releases, newsletters, prospectuses, research reports, speeches, tenders and proposals, videos and audio scripts, websites and whitepapers.

We think

We’ve overhauled our writing training for online

We’ve overhauled our writing training for online

With so many projects on hold, it can be difficult to know what to do with yourself and your team each day. At Editor Group, we’re thinking about how we can help our clients by adapting our services for the new environment – especially our writing training.

From quack to quarantine: a linguistic history of COVID-19

From quack to quarantine: a linguistic history of COVID-19

Coronavirus is giving us some strange new hobbies. Without the commute to work, dinners with friends or trips away, many of us are finding ourselves with more time on our hands than ever before. And at Editor Group, we’ve fallen down some interesting rabbit holes. One of these is etymology.

We help

Business and government clients in Australia, Singapore, the US and elsewhere worldwide.
We have worked with many leading organisations, including:

“Much as Augustus did to Rome, you found our text a city of bricks, and left it as a city of marble.”
Chris Richardson

Lead Partner, Deloitte Access Economics

We support

We are

A team of outstanding writers and editors based in Sydney, Singapore and New York.

Grant Butler

Grant Butler

Founder & Director

Grant started Editor Group in 1998. He was previously a senior journalist with The Australian Financial Review.

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Lesley Lopes

Lesley Lopes

Managing Editor

Lesley leads our editing and proofreading team. She has extensive experience as an editor with media and business organisations.

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Glenn Rees

Glenn Rees

Senior Manager, Writing

Glenn heads our writing team. He is one of Australia’s most experienced technology writers and editors.

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