The Trade Desk

Writing customer references

Project overview

With headquarters in Los Angeles and revenue of more than US$1.2 billion, The Trade Desk (NASDAQ: TTD) is one of the world’s leading advertising technology companies. It is also growing fast – featuring in the latest Fortune 100 list of Fastest Growing Companies.

The Trade Desk provides a global independent media buying platform that enables clients to reach audiences via connected TV, streaming services, audio, out-of-home and display advertising. It’s a complex, fast-moving and data-driven field with high stakes for customers.

To celebrate and explain the value that clients gain from working with The Trade Desk, the company produces informative customer references.

Solution delivered

Editor Group has been pleased to provide writing support for a selection of these stories, featuring businesses in Asia, Europe and the United States focused on fields as diverse as automotive, cosmetics, tourism, online classifieds and pharmaceuticals.

“As an experienced writer and editor myself, I really value the high quality of work and reliable and consistent service I receive from Editor Group,” says Julie Campagna, Senior Manager, Customer Storytelling, The Trade Desk.

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