Is there anything better fun at Christmas than a light read about dysfunctional rich people? Look no further than Revenge (Blink Publishing, 2022), Tom Bower’s new book about ‘Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors’.

I first discovered Tom Bower when I read his biography of Richard Branson, simply titled Branson, which was a sobering and more informative explanation of the entrepreneur’s rise than his own entertaining but somewhat selective account, Losing My Virginity.

Bower also published Maxwell: The Outsider in 1991 about Robert Maxwell, whose daughter is of course Ghislaine Maxwell, who has also been causing the House of Windsor a spot of bother so it’s all very intertwined. You can get a flavour of that here from Bower himself.

Anyway, so Bower is a thorough investigative journalist who knows his way around the Rolls Royces and polo fields of British society, and Revenge is a very detailed account of what’s been going on. And I must confess, I do find it fascinating, especially after watching the latest series of the Crown on Netflix.

The book itself is very critical of Meghan and Harry, so go into it with that expectation. But harsh portraits are Bower’s stock-in-trade and it’s certainly lively. Perhaps read it for balance, if nothing else, so you have more background as we all continue to follow this famous and still unfolding story.

Grant Butler


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