A new approach to writing training

With so many projects on hold, it can be difficult to know what to do with yourself and your team each day.

At Editor Group, we’re filling in any gaps that have opened up in our usual schedules and staying sane by learning (or re-learning!) some of the more obscure aspects of our craft such as indexing, web accessibility and formatting numbered lists in Word documents.

We’ve also given some thought to how we can help our clients by adapting our services for the new environment – especially our writing training. While we’ve certainly delivered courses via video and as webinars, in the past most of our courses featured a main in-person workshop.

But group-size and travel restrictions don’t look like they’re going anywhere fast, so we’re making our training workshops available online as well. If you’re thinking that this might be a good time to improve your team’s writing skills, here’s our recommended approach.

How it works

First, you send us copies of any writing guidance your organisation has on hand – that might be style guides, tone-of-voice guidelines or templates.

Second, we review examples of the pieces of writing you like and want your organisation to emulate. From there, we (quite quickly, given the sorry state of our current social lives) create a writing training course tailored to your needs.

This course material will bring together a range of fundamentals that we like to discuss with any group – such as how to make copy more succinct, logical and compelling – with a discussion of your unique style and publishing requirements. It will comprise a presentation, an in-depth handout that can be used as a manual going forward, plus exercises.

Third, we’ll deliver the presentation component to your team via your preferred videoconferencing or online training solution. We’re au fait with ClickMeeting, Google Hangouts and Meet, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, Zoom and other systems. We can present from our office, yours or our home studies.

Grant Butler presenting online training.

Because people learn best through interactive discussions, not just listening to monologues, we recommend keeping group sizes to 10 participants per session. That way, we can field people’s questions and discuss their specific challenges during and after the training. But we’re flexible on this point and can certainly deliver webinar-style talks for larger groups.

Ongoing support for your team

Finally, we’re happy to help with ongoing coaching services to reinforce our training. This involves your team sending examples of their writing to our expert editors, who then provide detailed feedback on each draft that ties back to the principles discussed in the course. Our team can of course actually edit the copy, which might be of interest if it’s work you need to use quickly. This is all done via email and other safely virtual platforms like Dropbox.

Voila! By the end of a training cycle, your organisation will have a clearer and better-documented understanding of its writing principles. Your teams will have improved their writing skills and enjoyed a welcome diversion from their normal working days. And our editing team will be primed to assist those staff members or any other parts of your business in the future because we’ve developed a good understanding of your copy and style needs.

Contact us to learn more about how Editor Group can create a writing training program to suit your organisation’s needs.

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